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About us

PROVENER (formerly ERA – Energía Renovable Argentina) is a company founded in 1998 in Argentina. From our early days we specialized in Renewable Energy, more specifically in Wind Resource Evaluation.

Mastil Meteorologico en Santa Cruz

Sunset in Santa Cruz province

Currently, as NRG Systems’ representative for Argentina an Chile, we provide instrumentation and measurement systems of internationally acknowledged quality, both components and turn-key systems.

We know how. Theory and field experience.

We are specialists in Wind Measurement Systems for Windpower applications. we’ve sold and installed many systems for domestic or international companies. We know the strict requirements imposed by technical audits and international standards. We also have plenty of experience installing systems in difficult locations. From the most remote sites in Argentinean Patagonia to the Atacama desert in northern Chile, we’ve been there installing quality measurement systems.

60m mast - Atacama desert

Installing a 60m mast in Chile's Atacama desert

PROVENER is the safe choice.

When evaluating and proving the viability of a Wind Power Plant Project, reliability and quality of measurements are of key importance.
Our expertise is to provide developers world-class and cost-effective solutions in Wind Measurements.